The Working of Yoga in Mind Strengthening

yoga mind developmentYoga is a discipline that involves the whole body and brain in multiple physical and mental activity designed to help you breathe and ease up on all the tensions, worries you have. It’s an art that has been around for a long time since the days of the Indus-Sarasvati people in ancient India over 5000 years ago.


What you need to know about Memory Games

brain gamesIt is often said that the brain is like a muscle. You have to exercise it to make it stronger. When the mind is called into action, it mostly involves the memory. When it comes to boosting memory, one thing known to work wonders is memory games. You can train your brain to keep it active and potentially improve concentration, the memory and other brain skills. There are many training programs that you can engage in to boost the memory. Mind games promote memory improvement. Improvement of the mind can be made with few steps that can be done effortlessly. (more…)

The Process of Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness encapsulate intentional dedication of one’s attentions to the internal and external experiences unfolding in the present. It is also achievable through the practice of intentional self-regulation of attention from moment to moment (meditation). In shamatha or mindfulness meditation, the aim is achieving a mind that has calm and stability which is its natural aspect.mindfulness-meditation

Learning how to do shamatha takes sometimes combined with practice. It’s also possible to incorporate mindfulness techniques into everyday life such as self-heating in a sauna parlor, eating, walking and going about one’s daily tasks. Continued practice of mindfulness meditation strengthens the mind and eventually, achieving peacefulness without a struggle. (more…)

What you Need to Know About Mind Strengthening Pills.

mind pillsThere has been a lot of discussions about ways one can use to improve their memory. Studies have shown that there are some ingredients and supplements that can operate on ones brain to make one achieve higher levels of focus, better memory and more concentration to bring out ones productivity to a higher level. Brain boosters usually appear to stimulate mental activity, but in real sense they are not stimulants (more…)

How to Improve your Memory and Thinking


yoga memThinking is the greatest mental activity that humans face. All human progress and achievements are a product of thinking. Have you at some time noticed that some people can remember effortlessly even the tiniest details while others are not? Have you ever wished you be like such people? Most of the people think of memory as something that is static and not able to change. However, the truth is that memory can be improved and changed if one follows certain practices. (more…)

Brain Exercises to Boost Memory

Brain Exercises To Improve MemoryRobust and dependable memory is fundamentally dependent on the health and vitality of the brain. The brain has an unbelievable ability to maintain the state of adapting and changing centered on stimuli, namely neuroplasticity. Based on stimulation, brains can form new neural pathways, make changes to existent connections as well as dynamically react to ever-changing ways. Irrespective of one’s daily endeavors, be it professional or student life, several involvements could aid in improving and maintaining memory and mental performance. Notably, brain boosting can happen at any age. Just like muscular strength, continued usage of the memory results to improvement. The best memory exercise interferes with routine and challenges one to develop new brain synapses. (more…)

Strength Training for the Mind

mind strengtheningMental strength is an interesting concept that needs a proper study to be understood. It may mean the quality or state of being physically or mentally strong or the ability to cope with pressing situations. People who are mentally stable regulate their emotions, manage their thoughts and have a positive behavior irrespective of the circumstances or compromising situations they find themselves in. Those with developed mental strength have the courage to live according to their values, are bold enough and successful. (more…)

Benefits of Strengthening the Mind, Body and Spirit

yoga mind bodyEveryone knows that exercise is good for the body, and more so, it offers an effective way to improve the mental health. One of the most efficient or effective ways to learn a new skill is though building mind power. You should also give your brain something positive to concentrate on while exercising. When the body is healthy, you can prevent conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer disease. Even if the brain is an organ and not a muscle, one can still give it a workout; an exercise meant to strengthen it. (more…)