How to Improve your Memory and Thinking


yoga memThinking is the greatest mental activity that humans face. All human progress and achievements are a product of thinking. Have you at some time noticed that some people can remember effortlessly even the tiniest details while others are not? Have you ever wished you be like such people? Most of the people think of memory as something that is static and not able to change. However, the truth is that memory can be improved and changed if one follows certain practices.

Why we should enhance our Memory and Thinking

The benefits of developing and improving our memory and thinking are manifold. Developing better thinking skills makes one achieve more success. This is coupled with the attainment of social, emotional and economic maturity. One way to boost memory and thinking is through exercise. Here, we look at other ways of increasing memory and thinking skills.

1. Eat Right

The foods that you eat or do not eat play a vital role in your memory and development. Foods that contain antioxidants and other compounds protect the brain and stimulate the production of new brain cells. Intake of Omega 3 compounds improves the thinking process. Coconut oil plays a vital role in the development of the brain. This also means failure to take these vital foods would alter memory development.

2. Exercise

Exercising enables the brain to work optimally by stimulating the nerve cells to multiply and be interconnected. When you exercise, the nerve cells release proteins called neurotrophic factors that trigger numerous other chemicals known to promote the health and cognitive functioning of the brain. Exercise also improves the blood flow to the brain and encourages thinking.

3. Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep improves brain performance. Sleep enhances memory performance to enable one tackle challenging skills in a better manner. Sleeping gives a big boost to brain power and the ability to recognize new patterns. This is an essential role in cognitive development.

4. Play brain games

You should regularly and sufficiently challenge your brain with new information to reduce its chances of getting deteriorated. You should supply your brain with appropriate stimulus to counteract its degeneration process. A better way to challenge the brain is through playing brain games. There are a number of exercises designed to improve the brain function with tracking of success and performance.

5. Apply Visual Concepts

yoga memory imageA better way to remember things is through visualization. You need to visualize the information you are studying to remember better what you have learned. Visualization comes with paying full attention to charts, photographs and other graphics that may appear in what you are studying. Utilize colors and try to pull a mental image of what you have been studying.

6. Master a new skill

You need to engage in purposeful and meaningful activities to stimulate your neurological process and counter the effects of stress. The cognitively demanding activities enhance the memory performance.  Challenge your brain by learning a new skill or starting a hobby, Use visualization on a regular basis and keep active socially. Always focus on important things as what you garbage in is what you garbage out.

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How to Improve your Memory and Thinking